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Allianz approves shock pulse technology for condition monitoring of wind turbines

German insurance company Allianz has approved the online system Intellinova Compact with the SPM HD shock pulse measurement technology for condition monitoring of wind turbines.

Taking out insurance on wind turbines with leading insurance companies oftentimes requires the installation of approved or certified condition monitoring systems. In 2003, the Allianz Center for Technology (AZT, a technical services facility within the German insurance group Allianz) published an extensive report – laying down in detail the technical requirements for condition monitoring systems for wind turbines – which has since served as guidance for wind power operators and insurance companies.

Over the years, vibration-based measuring techniques have become well established for monitoring the mechanical condition of wind turbines. Alongside vibration monitoring, shock pulse measurement is now also recognized as a reliable method for damage detection. After a comprehensive investigation, AZT has concluded that the Intellinova Compact system with SPM HD meets the requirements stated in the 2003 report and has thus certified the system for variable and constant speed wind turbines with a gearbox.

Continuous monitoring of drive train components in wind turbines with the Intellinova Compact system enables cost-optimized maintenance, with significant reductions in unplanned downtime, increased performance, and better cost-efficiency. Robustly designed, Intellinova Compact is well suited for the challenging conditions of on and offshore wind farms.